Neem has been proven to improve your health in a variety of ways, including:

Viral defence

How does it help?

Neem leaves can extract, absorb and eliminate viruses. They also help to remove intestinal parasites and restore healthy functioning of the intestine

Cardiac care

How does it help?

Neem can help to dilate blood vessels improving blood circulation and decreases elevated heart rates. It relaxes erratic heart beats and controls high blood pressure

Fungal disease

How does it help?

Neem is effective against fungal diseases that affect the human body. These include fungus that causes lung and bronchi infection and mucous membrane and oral thrush

Cancer prevention

How does it help?

Neem bark leaves contain Polysaccharides and liomnoids which are beneficial for alleviating cancer and tumor cells


How does it help?

Certain properties of neem leaf seed or barks naturally cure arthritis and reduce pain and swelling in joints. Neem oil is effective in relieving muscle aches and joint paint and helps alleviate rheumatism, osteoarthritis and lower back pain.

Combats poison

How does it help?

Neem leaves are also effective in treating poisons and insects bites. This is due to anti-clotting agents that reside in neem leaf extract

Moisturises skin

How does it help?

The leaves moisturise the skin keeping it soft and supple. They are effective for lightening scars and pigmentation caused by acne and scabies

Cures acne

How does it help?

Neem can help will clear acne, scars, pigmentation and black heads. This potion can also be used as a hair rinse to treat dandruff and excessive hair fall, as well as being used as a toner.

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